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Five minutes
with Tom

Last week, Lars Stugemo and Mia Breitholtz from our sponsor HiQ International came to visit Tom in the UK, in order to catch-up and check on his progress. Below Tom Blomqvist Racing gives its website readers a quick insight into the questions HiQ threw at TB.

HiQ: So a really great year on paper, but how have you developed in 2010?

TB: Guys, this year has been a massive learning curve for me both on and off the track. There have been some up and down times during 2010, but as you both know, I am very determined and I believe in my ability. I never lost focus and I think that it was a combination of determination and speed that took me to the championship. Every day is a day to learn. Looking back, my first year in Formula Renault (Sweden) was very important. I gained valuable experience and that really set me up for 2010. In ‘09 there were quite a few scenarios where I had to work extra hard to get the results, but I guess it is when you are not winning that you are looking to learn from mistakes. Also, it was great to work with a new team as you can learn new things from new people. Fortec were awesome in the second half of the season… we share a ‘never give up mentality’. It is hard to say exactly how I have developed but for sure I am more composed and understand that there is always a way to make things happen if you work hard!

HiQ: OK, well somehow we are already in December – what will you be doing over the winter? I guess there is lots of preparation for next season?

TB: I will be heading back to New Zealand shortly to spend some time with friends and family – you know that Mum and Paul (Tom’s younger brother) are based out there? I haven’t seen them since the summer so I can’t wait… I’m sure they have lots of questions and I have lots of stories! I’m quite lucky actually as I get to go to a warm climate whilst it is cold in Europe. I’ve just had my end of year fitness assessment, so I know what I need to work on from a physical point of view and it is always easier to get into a consistent training routine in warm weather. There is also some school work I need to catch up on. It has been a busy year, but now I have some time I am sure I can get on top of it all. When I come back to Europe at the beginning of 2011I’ll most probably head over to Sweden for a while and do some driving on the frozen lakes. Ice driving is really really good training to help develop car control, so it will be a good way to get back into the swing of things before the F3 testing ban is lifted.

HiQ: You mentioned school work. How do you integrate studies into your schedule? How are the studies going?

TB: Racing takes up a lot of my life and my schedule can be very changeable from time to time, so it is difficult to get a normal routine, but I know it is very important to find time for studying. I guess in one way it shows how important it is to be organised and make the most of every minute! I currently have private tutoring, usually once or twice a week. In 2011, I am looking to complete all of my planned GCSE level work.

HiQ: Macau is a legendary race in motorsport circles. What it was like to race there?

TB: Macau is a pretty special place and I can’t thank HiQ enough for giving me the opportunity to race there. Guys, seriously, it was like no other place in the world. On track it was definitely the most challenging circuit I’ve ever driven on. That said, even without the track time I felt very confident that we could get a good result. There will always be new circuits you have to learn quickly, so I put that out of my mind and just focused on working with the team. To be honest, even in the little time we had with Eurointernational there was good chemistry and we worked well together. We didn’t have the best qualifying session which cost us the win, but on the whole it was an awesome experience and it proved extremely valuable. I can’t wait to go back there next year where hopefully I will be challenging for victory in Formula 3.

HiQ: So what are your goals for next season?

TB: Well 2010 is not over yet. It has been a great honour to be selected as a finalist for the McLaren Autosport BRDC Award. The past winners of the award really speak for themselves! I have done by best job to show the judges I am the worthy winner in 2010, so hopefully I can collect that and cap of an already amazing year. For sure 2011 will be a new and exciting challenge. Formula Renault to F3 is a big step up in lots of ways, but I am ready to work hard and have high expectations. Like always the goal is to get to a position where we can fight for race wins and the championship, but there are some short term goals too. Like improving my strength and learning more about the tyres – all the little things will help us get to the end goal. To be honest, the objective is to keep learning and developing like we have done in 2010. I am 100% sure we can be quick!